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  1. CamaroNmotion
    CamaroNmotion AspenAuto
    I may be interested in the hood catch. Part that is mounted on radiator framing. Can you email a few photos of it and asking price? Is the horn on it also? Thanks
  2. Jfair
    New member 1979 camaro z28.
  3. TruckDoc
    Finally getting back to working on the car. going to be a long road but should be well worth it.
  4. migzisonfire
    Selling a 1978 Camaro type lt purchased from the original owner.
  5. James D Schultz
    James D Schultz
    I'm the original owner of a 72 Z/28, 46K original miles w/M22.
  6. MannyB.
    Also found out ckd fits all body types A,B,FX what would be best transmission union for a halfton single cab truck
  7. MannyB.
    Its a ckd t350 nb2 two main bolt thinking of converting to 4 and swapping into my truck whats the pro and con to the conversion
  8. MannyB.
    Plus also have another stamp 14L206992 which i decoded 1-chevy, 4- year 1974, L- Van Nuys production line i believe and rest is production#
  9. MannyB.
    Which is the z28 block
  10. MannyB.
    All i got off the vin v05O9ckd is that it was cast in flint on May 9th and ckd comes back to a '74 350 and plus 3970010 stampd in the rear
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