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  1. Peter K.
    Peter K.
    Thanks for the ad.
  5. dreamsite
  6. Duanesmith
    Duanesmith rotinrob
    I was reading about you replacing your door panels. I just got some new legendary panels. I had deluxe panels in my car which had the top rail built in to them. I believe the standard panels have a separate top rail. I need to order some. Did you get new top rails? If so how do they fit and how do they mount. Do you know what kind of hardware you need to mount these things. I appreciate your input.
    1. rotinrob
      They snap down over the top edge of the door and screw into the door along the bottom edge of the trim using wafer head screws. The door panels snap into the plastic edge using the metal hooks.
      Dec 2, 2019
  7. Ross
    What are the measurements of 79 z28 rear end ? Car is in storage and like to purchase posi for it
  8. Its_not_a_transam
    Living la Vidal ladner
  9. MillerMotorsports
    Can anyone here tell me how many Z28's produced in 71 were of each color offered.
  10. MillerMotorsports
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