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  1. BIGTUT70
    Restoring 1970 Standard Coupe Camaro
  2. Tylerbunda
  3. JackieSes
  4. vegas1974z28
    vegas1974z28 Todd Seguin
    Hey! Yes I'm still racing. You are the one that sent me the email correct?
    1. Todd Seguin
      Todd Seguin
      yes, I am (really not a stalker..haha) I didn't know if you were still on this forum (I just joined)
      Feb 14, 2018
  5. clashradio
    clashradio MP81
    Awesome job on your '81. Where did you find the one N90? Are you willing to sell the original exhaust?
  6. ColorMeGone
    Anyone ever see an ā€œNā€ on a date code?
    1. ColorMeGone
      One of the 3973487x heads on my 71 Z28 has a date code N 10 2 (everything else matches the August 70 build date. Thanks
      Feb 13, 2018
  7. DannySiz
  8. Hample Racing
    Hample Racing
    Looking for rear wheel and slick sizes for my 81, would like to go with the widest tire size possible. I do have fender lips rolled already.
  9. railxmad2
    just purchased a 1979 camaro Z-28 73k miles like new with no drive train. next step make more doe for parts.
  10. Brianvuche