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  1. Carbana
    Just thought I would join this forum after having my 73’ for 10 years .
  2. Nashty 70
    Nashty 70 CamaroII
    Sorry to hear that. I hope he gets well. No rush, by all means take care of the family first. When it works for you, you can text the pictures to 207-631-0575. Thank you
  3. CamaroII
    Sorry, father in law had a stroke, having one a problem uploading pictures, can you tell me how or give me a cell phone number
  4. chevyz28
    Citizen of the Republic of Texas, living in North Carolina....
  5. Nashty 70
    Nashty 70 CamaroII
    Do you still have these parts? I haven't received any pictures. Thank you
  6. MY1977Z28
    1977 Z28 status update
  7. MY1977Z28
    Hello All,
  8. MY1977Z28
    Hello All,
  9. Donald Kelly
    Donald Kelly
    Coil overs and tubular control arms, huge Corvette Brakes all around, Hotchkiss 2" rear leaf springs... Even the wife is happy...
  10. Donald Kelly
    Donald Kelly
    Thanks to the Chinese Virus I have allot of time to finish the interior and the suspension. Car sits and corners awesome! Lowered 2"
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