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  1. Phvntvstic
    I do not own a Camaro, but it's one of my dream cars and I'm here to learn more about the 70-73 Camaros!
  2. Spirit1
    Spirit1 Captcamaro
    Interested in the 70 gold RS camaro you have for sale. Is there a number i can call with questions and to setup a time to look at it?
    1. Captcamaro
      Replied with conversation, having New Dual exhaust done tomorrow. Just plated historical 646-642-5851 Bill
      Jun 24, 2018 at 12:00 PM
  3. vickiePoulk
  4. Dean70Z28
    I won... at your convivence my cell is 706-373-6854. I have a story about my steering wheel that broke.
  5. Dean70Z28
    We need to be friends, as I am replacing parts for a weekend driver. Many original parts I am replacing.
  6. DCL70
  7. DCL70
    DCL70 Dean70Z28
    If you do not win the 70 Camaro steering wheel currently on Ebay and are still interested in a 70 Camaro steering wheel that has some cracks but without the attaching horn parts then sent me an email.
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    2. Dean70Z28
      I plan to win your eBay steering wheel. As I need it. Its better than my now cracked wheel and center pad. I bought a original Z28, stored for 20 years from my roommate in college. brittle parts...
      Jun 19, 2018 at 5:25 PM
  8. KMcHale
    KMcHale MP81
    I have an 81Z with the 305 4 speed. Any way you can send me the pics of your exhaust work they are no longer displaying on this forum.
  9. Dean70Z28
    New to NastyZ28
  10. CraigE
    Looking for a 7044208 Rochester Quad for my 1974 Z28