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  1. timmyk
    Sportin’ new ride, “80 base!
  2. Bznz28
    I have a 70 Z28 COPO built in CA December 22, 1970.
  3. Heavyman
    Born on the Bayou!
  4. newfzee
    newfzee ZoSoIV
    Hi , Is the M22 that is coming out of your car dated for 1970? What are your plans for that trans if you go with a Tremec? Thank You.
  5. Zebus28
    Living in the Poconos in PA. Built a giant garage for my 2 RVs and of course my 1981 Z/28 4 speed which I am the original owner of.
  6. Dennis Ferrara
    Dennis Ferrara
    This is to difficult to log on to!
    1. Dennis Ferrara
      Dennis Ferrara
      Let’s try again I any body remembers me I was Competition Eliminator World Champion in 1977 won 6 NHRA national events 2 runner ups 34 national records 4 time NHRA division champion in a row Invented the Trans Brake in 1977 won Sportsnationals using the brake in 1977 innovated the destroked 454 to 351 cu in Anybody remember me ?
      Nov 16, 2018
  7. drewclonezap
    Cleaning engine bay
  8. drewclonezap
    Finally switched transmission to a Muncie M21.Sure is more fun to drive now! Installed new 4 speed shifter and console.
    1. drewclonezap
      Got a Saginaw 4 speed sitting in the floor of my shop, thinking about switching my M-21with the Saginaw. I find the Saginaw is a smoother shifting transmission. Like the way it's geared too! I know I can't be hard on the gear-box, so l won't jerk on it too bad
      Nov 16, 2018
  9. flht99b
    Working very hard at being retired. Best job I've ever had.
  10. CAT HUNT
    I have hooked up an aftermarket tach in my sons 78 Z28 and the factory tach now acts crazy. What do I need