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  1. ric28z
    ric28z Liam Beale
    Hi Liam, wanted to ask you about drag links, just getting around to sorting mine out, please message me
  2. Motley 75
    Motley 75
    Just getting started
  3. Matt69406
    Restoring my 1970 Camaro.
  4. Chace Phillips
    Chace Phillips
    Restoration mode
  5. Hulk_smash
    She’s ALIVE
  6. dempsey dickson
    dempsey dickson Huggerorange80
    any status on your thermoforming machine
  7. Kevinray3
    Hot roddin, trying to soak in all the information I can!
  8. SSJkevin95
    SSJkevin95 SPG
    Hello are you there? Tried sending you a message regarding my camaro! Thanks,
  9. Ron Foust
    Ron Foust WHISKEYtrout
    I bought a 69'Z rally sport when I was 15, 30yrs ago. Worked on it off and on with my Dad over the years, he passed away two years ago. I'm determined to make it drive again. No engine came with it, and I would love to bring that CE block back to life along with the car. my # is 717-525-1091 cell if you would to call sometime.
  10. Ron Foust
    Ron Foust WHISKEYtrout
    I saw later in your post your interested in a 383. I've got one. Block clearanced for the longer stroke brand new crower crank. Hopefully we can get together on this.

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