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How to remove steering column? remove and reinstall?

Hi all!,
I am looking for help and easy instructions advice, on how to remove and reinstall a steering column.
I am taking a steering column out of an 1970 Camaro, and want to install it on another 1970.
I am a backyard mechanic, but have never did this sort of swap.
Please any info and advice would be much appreciated.
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The steering Column is attached in 3 locations, under the dash with 2 bolts, to the floor board with 4 bolts and 1 bolt that connects it to the steering shaft. The steering column should have 3 electrical connections, disconnect these carefully to prevent damaging the connections. Remove the bolt that connects the steering column to the steering shaft, it is on the drivers side underneath the brake booster and might require some persuasion, then remove the 4 bolts that attach the steering column to the floor board. Then remove the 2 bolts that support the steering column under the dash. Pull the steering column out. Installing it is done in reverse order.
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