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Discussion in 'SiteTopic' started by david_396, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. david_396

    david_396 Veteran Member

    May 10, 2002
    Hanford CA
    In the past I've posted pictures here using my IPad. Now when I post the IMG here the link is about a paragraph long. I've also tried my wife's iPad to no avail. What else is everyone using? It's weird if I post the link in a search bar all is looks good. Post it here in the forum section it is too long. It has a bunch of //%% all mixed in the post. I posted the link below but even when I create the thread it changes it and displays something a bit different. The link is 3 lines long. I posted a pics about a week ago and I while I was editing the post I got a timeout error, see contact admin? I haven't heard back from the admin?

    The [I M G ] becomes %5BURL and the link ends with %5D the link below is 3 lines long before I submit the post. Hard to explain %5BURL=[/IMG][/URL]
  2. BonzoHansen

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    you are picking the wrong link. Use the direct link.

    Or just upload you for sale pics right to the post like I just did.

    (BTW moving this out of swap meet as this is not a for sale post)
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  3. Green hornet

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    Oct 11, 2015
    North Bay, CA
    You no longer need to use photo bucket to add photos now. Just add photos directly to the post from your iPad or computor using the upload a file button in the post window. It is so easy now you'll love it.
  4. John Wright

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    Aug 9, 2002
    Rustburg, Va
    Pics from my phone are always way too big to post directly...I'm still using Photobucket. My phone automatically uploads directly to Photobucket, so it's no big deal.
  5. cadillac_al

    cadillac_al Veteran Member

    Apr 22, 2015
    Some old computers like mine don't work with all of photobuckets adware and malware. When people post photobucket pics I can't view them. Post and imgur are much cleaner and leaner with much less adware.
  6. david_396

    david_396 Veteran Member

    May 10, 2002
    Hanford CA
    The direct link didn't post the picture. It posted the link to my Photobucket album where the picture is saved. I then added the img to the begging and end of link and it worked? Thank you for your help.
  7. david_396

    david_396 Veteran Member

    May 10, 2002
    Hanford CA
    Thank you. I poste the direct link and added the img to the beginning and end of link.
  8. FlaJunkie

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    Mar 24, 2001
    Indialantic, Florida
    I felt a way to automatically size your pics for Internet use and be able to zoom in on them was an important tool needed in our project posting.

    So I took some open code and heavily modified it. It still needs some polishing, and it's been years since I wrote it.

    Take a look at this sample page. If any of you are interested in how the uploads work, PM me.


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