2nd Generation Camaro Owners Group

Keith Smith, owner of Custom Works Performance, grew up around muscle cars. "My stepfather raced dirt late models in the 80's, the second gen cars were the most popular body choice to stretch over the tube chassis" explained Keith. "He would destroy 2-3 cars a season just for the rear body skin". "I guess the early 2nd gen always had a place in my mind as a race car".

I have owned the car for many years. Sure if you have any questions or photo requests I will be happy to help. I have some documentation from the original owner but no build sheet or invoice. I have read that the holes for the COPO spoiler were stamped not drilled from the factory but I wish I had documentation.
...since I got the car restored to a point it could roll out of the garage!

And look at it now!

Check out Turbo70's progress......


1973 RS Camaro. Bought the car in DeKalb Il from a guy that was in too deep. The car was what motorcyclists
Moving right along with my 1973 I purchased this fall.

Figured I would start a thread to keep track as this comes car back to life after being parked in a garage for the last 15 years.
Hi, my name is John. I live south of New Orleans, LA. My story starts way back in 1985 when I saw this 1971 RS Camaro around the corner from my boss’s house. The owner just put the for sale sign on her. I was only 17 at the time so I went home and asked my mother to buy the car for herself and I would purchase it from her overtime. She had just totaled her 1979 Trans Am so she needed a daily driver. The car was in mint condition. Originally had the lime green, but had since been repainted Emerald green. The owner purchased the car 7 years prior from the original owner. I was allowed to drive it part-time till mid 1986 when it was turned over to me. It had a 350 motor and 350 trans with the RS package. I changed the intake, carb and put headers on it.


In 1988, I decided to build a big block for her. I bought a couple of engines and finally stuck with a 454. I had it rebuilt by a friend with 11:1 free floating forged pistons, Isky Z33 cam, LS6 original intake, Mallory distr (tuned with advance curve to match my stall convertor), Holley 750 Dual feed double pumper carb and Turbo 400 trans with a 3500 TCI convertor. I bought a Ford 9” rearend and had the axles drilled out for Chevy bolt pattern and had the 3” studs pressed in. Had to take out the welded spider gears and replace with limited slip with 4:56 gears. I had a friend of mine who owned a speed shop and I got him to change out the rear-end and make the sub frame connectors. He welded in the custom sub frame connectors. I think he made them from 2x3 sq tubing and they slid into the existing frames. That made a BIG difference when I drove it. With the original rear-end, it would barely get out of its way......................
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