07 BMW X3, 3.0L

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by mgd1790, Mar 20, 2019.

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    Getting X3 from the father-in-law. Has the standard ticking from a lifter or more than one. Couple questions. Some of people said that not driving a BMW, letting it sit, will eventually either foul a lifter or need to be driven hard to settle them down. Also, there is a "bleeding" procedure to remove "air" in the system. Never heard of that and will try that too.

    Also, some of mentioned they have used a couple types of additives during oil changes that has helped. The TSB for cars under warranty even swapped the cylinder head to fix the issue. If I can't fix it with bleeding or additives I might just swap the lifters. eBay/Amazon has sets for $125 or something.

    One additive they mentioned in BMW forums...


    Saw this too...


    Anyway, wanted to know if anyone dealt with BMW X3 or other models with the 3.0L "ticker" engine.
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    Don't know BMW but back in the day we'd drain a quart of oil and put in a quart of ATF. Or a quart of Marvel Mystery oil. Run it a while and then full oil and filter change. Seen more than one engine purring like a fat kitten after that and AFAIK no failures afterwards...
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    10 years ago when I bought my Camaro, had a bunch of sticky or stuck lifters. Didn’t matter what I did nothing changed. So with nothing else to lose, I dumped 2 cans of sea foam into the oil and went out and railed her like a redhead for 45 minutes. Changed the oil and it was perfect. Ran so damn good in fact that after I put the new motor in my car, I donated that one to a very good friend of mine for his c10 that I restored for him. Just changed out the op,tc,intake gaskets so it didn’t leak anymore haha.

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