1970-71 California plates, pair

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    Very interesting! Good to know. I'm going to check out that website.

    When I looked for the plates that eventually ended up on my 71SS, I specifically looked for plates starting with a 2 because after research and google image surfing of original 1971 southern California cars I determined that's about the correct series for my car. Thanks for the info!
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    The web site is alpca dot org, but I think you need to be a member to look at the detailed archives of each state's plates. However, I'd be glad to look up something specific for you.

    It's the three-letter prefix or suffix that drives the issuance order. Calif passenger car plates started out with AAA 001 in 1963, and got to the ZZZ series by the end of the decade. The yellow-on-blue plates started with 001 AAA and worked down the alphabet from there. When they again reached ZZZ, they then switched to 1AAA 001. With the seventh digit added, it will take a lot longer to get to 9ZZZ.

    Natural 1971 plates would have a prefix beginning with C, D, or E. The green 1971 sticker was originally on the left well at the top of the plate. I don't know which prefixes were originally issued in Southern California.

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