1971 Camaro Build/Restoration-Starting young

Discussion in 'Project Progress' started by YOUNGIN71Z28, Dec 11, 2016.

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    Hello all those of Nasty-Z28 my name is Anthony and I'm an owner of a 1971 Camaro that I restored throughout high school and will be continuing to work on through college and beyond. I thought I'd join the community for advice and pointers on the ongoing process of building these American icons and attempting to bring them to their full potential.

    My car currently has an aging frame off restoration that me and my father completed in our garage a few years back. The car was a 307 from birth, and when we bought it had a 327 sbc and a th350. We proceeded to convert it to a Saginaw four speed however, after going through a few saginaw cluster gears we decided to make the investment into a TKO600. The most recent modification has been a swap to a bbc.

    BBC Specs:
    -454 Chevrolet Four Bolt Main Block
    -0.30 Overbore
    -(-22cc) Domed Pistons (Speed Pro)
    -Edelbrock E-Street Cylinder Heads
    -Performer RPM Intake
    -Holley 750 CFM Carb
    -Cast Crank
    -Resized Stock Forged Rods
    -Summit Racing Camshaft
    -0.540 Lift
    -228/238 Duration
    -Hydraulic Flat Tappet
    -Summit Racing Headers 1 3/4" Primaries
    -Aluminum Water Pump
    ~10.25:1 CR

    The car is currently lime green with black stripes as can be seen in the photo, the only difference is a cowl hood that was required to clear the higher motor. My dad and I painted it ourselves with lots of tribulations but when it comes to paint I feel as if the learning curve is steep. The motor is cooled by a cheap Chinese radiator I found on Ebay and I eliminated the mechanical fans with the two cheap electric fans that came with the radiator. The battery of the car is in the trunk and a 10 bolt posi is in the rear as well. We recently replaced the front A-Arm Bushings and swapped out the old small block springs for some stiffer MOOG springs and put a 7/8" rear sway bar in as well.

    The car has a new full quarter panel, right trunk drop off, right rear wheelwell and tail panel all installed in house. Numerous body panels are taken from a parts car we bought from a neighbor. The car is now, thankfully, rust free. And I'd say it's a good 10 footer haha presentable but not perfect.

    Many more modifications are coming in the future and I'll be happy to share them with all of you browsing this great forum. I'm currently in school in Washington studying Mechanical Engineering and dream of working for a car manufacturer when I graduate. I also am hoping to make a Youtube channel doing vlogs and updates on my car if you'd like to follow me there the name will be the same Youngin71Z28.

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    Looks good man. Glad you are getting time with your father on the project. Welcome to you both.
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    Nice job, I bet it's a lot better looking than a 10 footer to everyone else. Anytime you do the actual work and put the time and effort in to it, you'll notice every tiny flaw that most people won't even pick up on. I did my first paint job right out of highschool and I can promise you that yours is a lot better than mine. 20 plus years later and lots of paint jobs and I'm still learning. Great project, time well spent with Dad and an amazing car!
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    Welcome! It is always great to see another 71 being worked on. Lots of great people here with great advice to help you out when you need it.

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