1985 Camaro V6 to V8 help

Discussion in 'Tips 'n' Tricks Topic' started by scratch187, Mar 12, 2019.

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    Hello All!

    Disclaimer - Not sure which forum to post this, so please move it as you see fit, if needed

    As with others, been using this site for my 1980 and 81 Camaros for years, until I no longer had both cars....wrecked the 81 and lost all my motivation for years (plus had 3 kids).

    My father finally gave up the 1985 Camaro he bought new, and has been sitting in storage since 1995. I started work on it last year, then had to stop. I am now ready to get this car back on the road, and need some help.

    Everything is original, and car is actually is very good shape. The original motor was the 2.8L V6, with the 700R4 transmission. My father had someone "rebuild" the engine in 1994/1995, and they did not do something right - motor locked up, and has been sitting like that ever since. I originally wanted to keep it original for starters, just to get it back on the road, and enjoy it a bit before dropping a V8 into it.

    Now that I am ready to get moving, it has been hard to find any 2.8L V6 engines, and from my research, it sounds like I should NOT go this route.

    What do I need to replace in order to be able to drop a 350 V8 in this car? I can find 350 engine/transmissions a lot easier/cheaper than it is to find the V6. Rock Auto is where I am currently looking for another V6, but I can find a 350 engine/transmission for the same price as the V6 engine alone.

    I am thinking the computer, and drive shaft, but what else, like the motor mounts?
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    I'd hit up Craigs list or Facebook marketplace for a rusted out third gen with a V8. Then rebuild and swap out parts as needed. Could get some complicated and expensive to do a scratch changeover. And in your area rusty 3rd gens should be plentiful.

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