2010 camaro ss calipers how to fit to 2nd gen spindle of cpp c5/c6 new spindles

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    i just picked up some 2010 Camaro SS brembo 4 piston calipers front and rear for cheap and i am trying to find out some way to get them to fit either my stock spindle or maybe even CPP c5/c6 style spindles that are out four our cars. i have searched and searched with no definite answer. i have looked on flynbye and kore3 with not much luck although i am going to call tomorrow. these calipers are the same basic design as the ctsv with a difference in the mounting bolt dia. i beleive. if anyone could shed some light on this topic to help me out it would be appreciated. i hope i made a good buy. these calipers could be had for fairly cheap and have a nice look to them as well. i know i wont be using the stock rotors because the wheel options arent there so i was planning on using c6 zo6 rotors.



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    Well I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure if you are going to use the C5/C6 rotors you will need different spindles. I know PTFB sells some kits that *I believe* are modified stock spindles, but I'm not sure. Whether those calipers will bolt up even to c5/c6 style spindles... who knows? Good luck, you might be starting a whole new mod here...
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    I just checked the bolt hole center to center on my C5 caliper brackets and it is 5 1/16th or roughly 128mm. That is using a tape measure but would say it is within a mm.
    Be sure to let us know what you find with the mounting holes on those calipers.

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    I wouldn't waste any money on anything made by brembo:

    any caliper that's so poorly engineered you need to change the natural frequency post production probably doesn't belong on a performance car.
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    I think Porsche, Lambo, and Ferrari might disagree with you.
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    Ask a GT3RS owner how the brakes hold up on the track? They dont. Just because an OEM uses it, doesn't make it good. Mono block calipers are made for one reason alone, they're dirt cheap to manufacture.
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    New Camaro uses a metric bolt pattern & will be off for your wheels if you use
    a hub that fits them. If you can find a hub with the correct wheel pattern, it is
    doubtful the hubcentric boss will be correct to center the rotor. You could find
    a set of ruined stock discs and have a machine shop cut off the rotor, and mill
    a boss onto it (as long as there is material) and create hubs.

    Once you have the rotor positioned. Then you have to mount the caliper, side
    it onto the rotor and take measurements to locate it in and out, its best to get
    it on the same angle it was on the Camaro for proper bleeding. Then make a
    test bracket from some easily cut material. I used masonite and washers. Once
    I had a design I paid a machine shop to create them (couple hundred). After I
    had a proven design, I streamlined it, made it more pretty and started selling it
    on a limited basis to make my investment back. There is great force being put
    on the bracket, so over design it.

    Back in 2006 I adapted 2004 Mustang Cobra 13 inch rotor two piston caliper
    brakes to my 1963 Studebaker Avanti.



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    Dec 30, 2009
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    I talked to Tobin from kore3 and he said with the stock spindles to much of the spindle would have to be cut to use a 14 inch rotor such as zo6 which is what I was planning on using to make everything work. The structural integrity of the spindle would be compromised. As far as the c5/c6 spindle from cpp basically the same situation. The mounting ears on the calipers are just too long for both second gens and vettes. I may end up keeping the rears because I think I could make them work but then won't have an e brake unless I get the backing plate and e brake assemble and make it all work but I'm not that far along yet. As far as the fronts I guess ill put them up for sale. There are several threads with ppl putting them on 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th gen v6 camaros. As well as several Chrysler vehicles, pontiac g8, evos, Subaru, 350z... And more. I'm thinking maybe ill find some radial mount calipers or just do a c5/6 brake upgrade. Those are proven, reliable (besides caliper spread) and fairly inexpensive with nothing having to be special ordered. Thanks everyone for replies though. And if anyone else has info or input please bring it. I'm sure other ppl will or have thought about this swap.

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    Old post but looking to see if anyone have found a company that makes parts to run these yet
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