210cc ProComp heads 3003 Something I seen

Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications' started by jeff swisher, Jan 30, 2019.

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    Jun 17, 2006
    I have watched that guys videos in the past, problem is he never tells you what they flow before and after that work. Now I know I don't do that either but if I am doing them for someone else I flow the heads. Here is something you can do Jeff that a head porter told me about. He told me that what they did in that area is to drill out that bolt hole, then press in a brass sleeve with some sealer and grind away. This way when they torque down the head it does not crack in that area. I guess head porters do that all the time when they go for max flow.
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  2. jeff swisher

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    Apr 26, 2018
    Yep I have seen the brass sleeves in the pushrod pinch also.
    I have some 210cc heads that are not like that but the pushrod pinch is that way.
    And the port is very tall 2.3".. dang tunnel-ram does not fit..Think one day I may try them out the ones I have of my own.
    But I will run a flat spacer plate on the intake for the mismatch and seal it up with ultra grey.
    I have one cam my cam grinder buddy stated is not touchable in the SBC.
    I am thinking it is a 265@ .050 or somewhere around there and .560" lift solid flat tappet on a 106LSA.
    That with 456 gear and 4500 stall and good flowing heads should be fun in a small block.
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    Jun 6, 2009
    If you go to his YouTube channel he's got around 50 videos on the Pro Comp heads, including the tubes for the head bolts and flow tests. There's over 300 videos there, some are kinda funny. I'm just a backyard hobbyist and he seems to cater more to the DIY guys than Nascar or pro racers. Not likely to find a video on porting pro level heads so I'll watch whatever is available.
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    Apr 26, 2018
    I was complimented years ago, I was about 25 years old then, and some of my friends brought their friends over to the shop to see what I was up to and one was told about my ported heads. I told they guy I have a set on the back shelf without valves in them if you want to look at them.
    He looked and came back out to the car I was working on and said if he had those in his shop he would swear that Trent Townsend ported them. Said Trent did all the porting for him ..his shop was in Mid West City OK.
    I was in Spencer OK at that time.

    I was blown away!!!
    Trent Townsend worked with Lee Shepard at Reher Morrison and learned from Lee.
    When I was younger I got a few tips from some head porters that really knew their stuff.

    I just piddle now with my own stuff and buddy deals.
    I am a bit picky what I want to work on though.

    Just finished doing some porting on a 317 LS head for a friend He needs to get me some springs and seals.
    Custom cam deal on a 109 LSA for his 6.0. I will degree that cam and clay the piston top to see what kind of clearances we end up with.
    Took the masters from this LT4 Hot cam and ground his stock LS cam but stuck it on a 109 LSA.

    This is carbed and should be interesting.

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