3 inch exhaust - Any pictures?

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting & Diagnosis' started by mike d, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. mike d

    mike d Veteran Member

    Jun 18, 2001
    I am 'trying' to put in a Summit exhaust package that I bought to hook up to my 3 inch headers. There is very little room to spare.

    I was wondering if anyone who has put in the same system has any pictures of their install. This is a whole lot bigger in circumference than what was on there to begin with and it looks difficult to figure out how everything is to fit.

    Any tips? Thanx.
  2. Ted

    Ted Veteran Member

  3. muscl car

    muscl car Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    i'm running 3" exhaust and a X-pipe with no clearance issues at all but it dumps before the axle though
  4. 1978LT

    1978LT Veteran Member

    Feb 24, 2002
    Poquoson, VA USA
    LOL If it's too loud you're too old!! I agree!!
  5. 72RS408BB

    72RS408BB Veteran Member

    Jul 1, 2004
    These are 2.5inch that work awesome on my BB. No clearance issues. (especially when hanging on wall). Headers are 2 1/8 - 3 1/5 Hooker SComps.


    BACK IN BLACK Z Veteran Member

    Jul 17, 2000
    Leesville La
    I have 3" duals that go over the axle and dump behind the rear tires. They fit great, but these were built locally and the guy doing the work really took his time and did several compound bends. I have thought about seeing if he might be interested in making some copys of mine to sell. I heard that there were some fitment issues with the kits out now.My exaust cost $350 with a set of super 40s. He also took the time to weld my collectotr ring to the 3" pipe so there was no reduction at all coming out of the hedders. He does great work..Johnny
  7. mike d

    mike d Veteran Member

    Jun 18, 2001
    Thanks for the help guys..Ted, those pictures were extremely helpful!

    I already ran into a problem with a universal shackle kit that I had to modify so that the dual exhaust could run where it needed to...a lot of working overhead. This thing is going to sound awesome when I'm done. I'm really hiting the home stretch now..been a LONG time in the making.

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