4 link kit for rear end

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    Agreed, so what's the answer? I can't believe I'm thinking 'under axle' which I always thought was more suitable for a farmers tractor, I've looked at how Dse does it, really tight over the axle as would any link suspension, Ridetech routes the tail pipes under the axle , if you're using a Dse fuel tank or similar you can't see anything from the back anyway, as far as ground clearance goes the lowest point will be the muffler itself, the people that I've spoken with that have run under the axle say that it's quieter inside the cabin which makes sense because you're no longer dealing with pipe resonance up inside the tunnel, I've seen Ridetech and other builds route the tailpipes under the axle but if you have a rear sway bar, under axle tail pipes could be a problem, some builders did a really nice job! your thoughts.
    p.s. Not sure if this topic belongs here.
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