6X12 enclosed cargo trailer

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    I got a new cargo trailer less than a year ago and was going to turn it into a small toy hauler/stealth camper. 6X12 Vee nose, ramp rear door, side door with RV latch. It has a shore line port and a 15 amp power strip so you can use a small heater or lights inside. It looks and smells new. I was putting flooring in it. I couldn't figure out why I was having so much trouble cutting the tiles for the nose until I had an eye exam. One eye is failing so my depth perception is off.

    I specifically wanted an RV latch so nobody can walk by and slip a screwdriver in the door and lock me in. The flooring, adhesive, rubber matting for the ramp, matching locks for the coupler and tail ramp and metal trim strip for the ramp are included. Clean and clear Indiana title in my name. there are no dents or scratches, less than 100 miles on it with the glue from the factory stickers still on the tires. 6'3 inside height. I pulled it home with a '93 Ford Explorer and it tucked right in with no need for large tow mirrors. Standard 2 inch coupler.

    Bike Week is coming up and this would be perfect to haul a bike during cold weather. Sleep in it when you get there and ride during the day. A local dealer has a similar one for $3450 but it has the bar latch and no floor work done. I'm firm at $3000. I've only used it for storage when I did work on the house and my camping days seem to be over. I'm located just outside Evansville Indiana. Add your tie downs, finish the floor and you're good to go.

    PM me here, e-mail to yanktanks@aol.com or call 812-423-two one 42 evenings before 9 Central time. 1226181649.jpg 1226181649a.jpg 1226181649b.jpg IMG_0009.JPG IMG_0006.JPG

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