'71 and up ss steeringwheel shroud

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  1. kaptinkafeen

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    Jun 19, 2007
    Can anyone please help clarify the colour scheme of a '71 and up ss steering wheel shroud? Should the central "SS" be white with a silver outline as shown in these pics:


    or here:

    could someone be as so kind as to post a correct picture - a close up of the "SS" portion. I 've come across so many different variations on the internet and in person I am not sure what the shroud should look like.
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  2. Kevin McKeown

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    The pictures you posted are correct for a 71 with the SS package, unless you got the deluxe interior package. In that case, you got a wood grain bezel on the steering wheel, with "Camaro" in silver letters to the right of center. I always resented not having a wood grain horn pad with SS on it, like what they had in 1970.

    Kevin McKeown

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