77 Z28 Front Spoiler.

Discussion in 'Camaro Questions' started by BonzoHansen, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. BonzoHansen

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    Is this the right front spoiler for the 77 Z?


    I have never seen one in person (that I have paid attention too).

    If not, can anyone post/email a few good shots (from odd angles, of course)

    Also, are full bumper strips available anywhere?
  2. ACOOL74

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    Dec 9, 2003
    Parker , Colorado
    I think they are the same for the '74-'77 cars. The original valences had a spoiler molded onto the center section , but most got broken on Parking Blocks and curbs etc... These spoilers were made available and hide the orig molded in piece or still fit if the original molded piece is broken.

    I also need the front bumper impact strip. Maybe somebody will know a source. I think the '74 ends of the strips are slightly different from other posts I have read here too.
  3. Jet

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  4. Major Dad

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    Pretty sure that's it. I just took the front valence and spoiler off of my 77 Z. I can take a pic of it if you want me to.
  5. BonzoHansen

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    If it isn't too much trouble, esp the mounting points. But if you have one in front of you, and you say that is it, I'm good.

    How does it mount? None of the GM documents for the 77 I have show the installation of these parts (even the pictures on the GM parts system don't show it-I had them look for giggles). My car has mounting holes in the lower fenders. Other than those holes, I am at a loss.
  6. Major Dad

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    I'll take some pics tonight for you. The spoiler is still mounted to the lower valence, so it should give you a pretty clear picture of how it all attaches.

  7. BonzoHansen

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  8. Little Naples

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    I have the same center section on my '75...I bolted it on....I only see one hole in your photo for the hood latch bracket bolt....mine is ABS plastic and had about 10 smaller holes for mounting along the top lip....they're made to replace the molded in ones of the original valance and fit perfectly....Don't know about mounting the side pieces.

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  9. Z169

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    The front spoiler on my 77 Z28 has the 2 "end" pieces as in the pic above but the middle section is a solid aluminum piece...ie no holes in this section. As I posted earlier... is this correct? This middle just screws to the lower valance.It looks factory but I really don''t know! L.P.
  10. Adam G

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    Apr 7, 2004
    Long Island NY

    Check out some of the pics of my '77, which show the spoiler pretty well. The center piece of a stock original spoiler is fiberglass, with the two ends made of a rubbery plastic that is very flexible. Hope this helps.

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