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  1. Hot weathers everywhere, so I retrofitted my 89 Bonnevilles A/c to the new stuff..Read if your hot, cheap & A/C retarded! I stole this from a thread I posted on another board, so its a little out of context but you get it.

    I made a gauge to attach to the low port & check pressure for mine. It all started when I fixed a leaky line. I replaced that & got one of those conversion kits. It had 3 cans of R134 & 1 of oil. I put it all in & it just didnt seem cool enough. I added 2 more cans (the bigger ones with stop leak in them) because I figured I didnt have enough R134 in there (it was 100% empty to start with). Well, the air really sucked them! I had wayyyy too much in there....

    I used a old fuel pressure gauge (0-100psi) & a extra recharge hose I had. Just cut off the "can" side of the hose & attach the gauge. Plug it into the low side port & start the engine. What your aiming for is about 35-40psi when the a/c is on full blast. I'm not sure if this is where its "supposed" to be at, but I cheated & looked at the more expensive R134A cans with the little gauge on them & 30-40psi was the "good" zone.

    I've used this method on my car & two friends cars, they all blow nice cold air now [​IMG] Anything over 40psi and it doent work at idle. Below 30psi & you compressor is going off & on constantly.

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    Don't forget that if the system had a leak pr was empty for a period of time, you need a new drier or you're wasting your money. It doesn't take long for the dessicant to collect a lot of moisture and become useless, leading to a not so cold system. Also, my Camaro runs at 45 to 50 psi, depending on the outside temp.

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    The fuel pressure gauge idea sounds interesting, but you really need two of them to monitor high and low side pressures.

    You didn't mention it, butI hope you pulled a vaccume on the system before charging it. You want to get all the moisture out or you'll have problems later. You also want to make sure you don't overcharge the system. Compressors don't like to slug liquid refrigerant.... it breaks the compressor.

    I would recommend checking out these forums and asking questions about retrofitting.



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