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    I have the 212 lbs in Moroso trick springs install and after 1 1/4 coil cut off the stance is back to the way the Hotckhis spring sat. The Bilstein shocks look like they will be the ticket for a street car, driven to the track. In a side to side comparison with the KYB GR2s that I had on the car, the Bilsteins are much harder to compress, and open up much quicker as well. And being gas charged ,they dampen very well in street driving. I drove around in my front yard today, and with the sway bar installed, the car was very solid, but not harsh like the heavy springs were. My yard has several dips and humps, and the front end setup absorbed them very well, but felt well connected to the ground. I also removed the SSM bars and installed the helper springs in the rear. The overall feel of the car has improved , and doesn't feel like a go cart without springs like it did with the heavy springs up front and the locked down rear.
    Hopefully tomorrow , I will get a chance to disconnect the front sway bar and do a weight transfer / wheel hop test. The driver part of the test is a huge success. Crossed fingers that the "drag mode" will be just as successful.:cool:

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