automatic transmission pan leaks

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    May 31, 2010
    So i felt like i needed to post this. ive used 3 different types of trans gaskets and torqued to spec for my th350. ive straightend my original pan and then bought another cause i thought it would be the pan. but to no avail i kept having an annoying leak. i reached into my tool chest this morning and grabbed the permatex "the right stuff". this stuff has done wonders for me on the intake manifold and to seal the corners on the engine oil pan so i decided to ditch the trans pan gasket and just run this stuff. This stuff has never failed. and today was no different. i just wanted to say if anyone has a trans pan leak this stuff is no joke. i dont think im ever going to use a trans pan gasket AGAIN! it may be hell to remove next time but i think its fully worth it to have a leak free driveway.
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