Borg Warner T10 specs????

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    Nov 8, 2008
    What are the specs on the stock Borg Warner T10 that came in the 1977-1981 second gen Camaros?

    Length wise?

    Bolt Pattern?

    With size?

    height size?

    stamping numbers?

    My 1978 z/28 camaro has lost its original 4speed but the floors haven't been modified still has the original factory cut out on the floor shifter for the 4speed borg warner..

    any help would be great

    I'm going to see a man about a Borg Warner hes selling but from my understanding, the Borg Warners were made for all kinds of vehicles from Fords to chevys... how could i tell the difference?

    post pics so i could have a visual if you get a chance

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