Brodix IK200 heads... just don't do it.

Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications' started by Skaal-tel 79, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. Skaal-tel 79

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    Jun 20, 2004
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    Hey guys. Haven't posted on here in about a year. It's hard to find the time for camaro work with busy family life. I check in every once in a while :)
    Here's the point - don't buy brodix heads. I bought the ik200 pre-assembled package in '08. I have about 10,000km on the engine now. Every guide wiped out, inner springs eating into valve seals, and they used a non hardened shim under the springs, which also wore out.
    Springs and valves survived.
    I did have decent valve tip contact pattern, just a zz4 hyd roller cam, nothing radical.
    If I had it to do all over again, I'd take my 1200 dollar heads and 1200 dollar repair cost and buy something good out of the box.
    I know I'm not the first person to have valve guide problems with these heads. Just thought I'd share.
    On the plus side I should stop burning oil now.
  2. Rene Melten

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    Sep 22, 2007
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    Sorry to to hear this, chin up pal you do great work.
    Thanks for your service to this great country of ours as well.
  3. thrasher

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    May 27, 2006
    Were these assembled heads from one of the mail order parts houses or direct from Brodix?

    There have been numerous complaints about assembled heads from Summit, Jeg's etc that dates way way back. There's a reason that some assembled parts are cheaper than others.
  4. night rider

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    Hmm, sorry to hear that. That is strange but also the reason I don't buy assembled parts. Me and my dad have been running Brodix IK heads since 2009. Mine is the 200, his is the 180's. We bought ours bare and I assembled both sets. Mine was a daily driver for about 2 years with those heads and his has been a daily for this whole time.
    I'm running a solid 249/252@.050", .570"/.579" lift cam. He is running a hyd 216/230@.050", .485"/.510" lift cam.
  5. slayer021175666

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    Feb 29, 2016
    Good USA BUILT heads for a great price? ATK is the only name we need to know! I couldn't believe the price with how they claimed they were built so I asked the forum. fatkid told me he wasn't far from them and was kind enough to offer to check them out for me. Someone he never met before in his life and I really appreciate it! He wound up turning it into a trip to actually tour the whole facility and he came back to me and all us nastys saying they are a damn good product built at a great plant! Look for his post about them. Its very well worth the read for anyone who's in the head market. :)

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