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    I'm pretty sure that all my info is out there anyway. Been getting notices from all our utilities and financial companies about their privacy and sharing policies. Bottom line, they do whatever they can get the most return on and you can't stop it. But the stuff we do on the net is pretty boring anyway. Worst thing around here is robo calls on the house phone, real nuisance and they disguise numbers to look local, change every call, call 5 or 6 times a day even though we've completely quit answering that phone.

    Just looking for the right Chromebook machine and deal without putting a lot of money in it. Thanks for the comments!
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    If you read my thread completely you will see that I recommend a solid state hard drive. That is the same thing as what a Chromebook has but you get to choose size and it is easily replaceable, and it operates at the same speed because it is solid state.
    So, you see, I do have a clue.
    I will agree that a Chromebook beats Windows. But, any option available today beats Windows. Linux based systems are #1 in performance, and Apple with their BSD based systems are a close second due to the ballast added by Apple. Windows comes in a distant last.
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    Nothing wrong with a Chrombook at all. And they are designed for exactly what you want to do. Here's a review article from PC Magazine, their editors are good and know what they are talking about. Any of these would be good.

    Just wanted to throw this out there regarding your Win10 desktop. Throw some more RAM at it, WIN 10 is much happier with 8+ GB of RAM and prices are pretty cheap. I'm pretty sure Win10 is 64bit only so you should be able to go over 8GB of RAM. If you have a budget less than $500 i'd upgrade my desktop.

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