Clutch Master Cylinder T56

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    Hi all! I have been reading through countless forums in regards to what master cylinder to use with my 1970 camaro. I am installing an LS1/T56 setup. I have seen numerous complaints and compliments about many setups. I was hoping to use this forum for people to list what hydraulic MC they are using whether it’s stock or custom (Tick, McLeod, whomever), what mounting bracket they are using, and what slave you’re using. I think this would be a good resource for all the newbies out there like myself! Thanks in advance! Also leave a suggestion if you would go the same route!
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    AD1163FD-4484-46D5-B3BC-F80CE6A7D9F4.png Most people are using the ATS/ Detroit Speed bracket with OEM hydraulics. I personally use a Wilwood MC with a custom machined bracket that may or may not be procurable anymore.

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