crank woodruff key location?

Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by Brian Callahan, Aug 19, 2012.

  1. Anyone know the nominal angular position of the torsional damper woodruff key versus the block when the #1 piston is at TDC? Engine is a Mark IV big block, if that makes a difference.

    We're building a trigger wheel and want to get it right but measuring the existing parts is difficult.
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    You can buy a stamped steel wheel for about 30 bucks. Unless you got a laser cnc then rock on. This is the one I was talking about.

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    45*. Exactly.

    It's perfectly in line with the #1 crank throw. So when Piston #1 is at TDC the keyway is pointing directly at the middle of the #1 piston bore.

    True for small blocks as well.
  4. Thanks, Damon.

    Nomad, yeah that would have been the preferred solution and in fact is what we have been using to date. But, we changed some stuff including the power steering pump location and also switched to a belt-type cam drive. All of that forced us to put the crank sensor in an axial position that would not allow a regular wheel. So, Kevin is making a top-hat shaped wheel.
  5. A cartoon of the new trigger wheel (left) and our old one (right). The new one is shown without teeth. Because of its axial thickness, we can't use an off-the-shelf disk-style wheel.
  6. Here is the finished piece.

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