Dyno tomorrow. guess my horsepower.

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    Nov 24, 2018
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    Jun 17, 2006
    Much better, Here is what I learned on the low compression engines. These old BB like timing, I ran most of the day the first time out with mine at 36° and the car stayed in the low 12's. When I bumped it up to 42° the car went 11.90 with no other changes in 90 degree heat. With the single plane at the track it liked even more around 44° I had one like yours in the early 90's that had 51° timing and with a 600 Holley the car ran 11.63 @113mph with a single plane intake. If you do get to the track don't be afraid to bump it up more than what's on the dyno. I would also try a 750 3310 Holly also bet it make another 10hp or more. One thing I ran that day was an Eddy 800 Thunder carb, it worked very well. Congrats on your dyno test.
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    Apr 26, 2018
    I was close on the first round.. Then you blew it out. Congratulations!
    Most will not even spend time or money on a dyno with a low HP deal.
    I kind of like it.

    I will be very curious if you stick it in a vehicle and test it on a wheel dyno as to what it will make.
    Not that it will see a wheel dyno.

    Should be a fun ride no matter what though.

    You picked up nearly 50 lb of TQ
    Don't tell me that was a timing only change that did that.
    Was the air intake temp in the dyno room cooler ?
    Was one corrected HP numbers?
    Did he use the same correction factors?
    What was timing on low HP pulls vs Hghi HP pulls?
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