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    Anyone with any experience with these guys? I inquired with them and got this info back:

    Hello and thanks for inquiring,

    I recommend a custom configured converter from our "Street Edge" series with stall math set between 3400-3600 rpm, and STR set at, or near 2.50.
    This converter uses the 245mm (9.5") impeller and turbine (furnace brazed).
    The 9.5" impeller is the most efficient impeller ever adapted into
    performance applications. With 8 impellers and 8 stators to select from this
    converter can be truly custom configured with no cutting or bending inside
    the converter. This means better launches are a guarantee, better mid range
    response is guaranteed and no excess heat or loss of topend, guaranteed!

    All the gains while retaining 100% of the manners needed for every day street use!
    All wear surfaces are fitted for enclosed Torrington bearings for less
    drag and improved longevity in performance application. The drive hub and
    spline insert of made of 4130 chrome moly steel. Anti balloon measure is

    Warranted for a full year with our 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.
    The "Street Edge" TH350/400 sells for 450.00 plus shipping
    Please let me know if you have other questions, or call us at 888 350 EDGE

    The info I sent them:

    Make : Chevy
    Model : Camaro Z-28
    Year : 1980
    Rear end ratio : 3.73
    Tire size : 28 inches
    Weight : approx. 3700 lbs.
    Displacement : 355
    Power Adders : Other
    Horsepower : 390
    Torque : 380-400
    Numbers based on : Desktop program
    Camshaft maker : general kinetics
    Duration : 230
    Lift : .500
    Centerline : 108
    Motor plate thickness : n/a
    Transmission type : th-350
    Shiftpoint RPM : 6200
    Low gear : stock i believe
    Trans brake : no
    Converter : don't know
    Stall speed : 3000
    Diameter : 11"
    Desired Stall : 3200-3500
    Racing Type : street/streep
    Street Use : rarely

    Just curious on thoughts/opinions about these guys.

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    May 16, 2000
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    I bought one for my 71 Camaro/LT1 FI swap to mate to my TH350. Pricey but from what I understand it is WELL worth it. I frequent the 94-6 Impala/Caprice LT1 boards a lot since these are my other car hobbies and the Edge 9" lockup converters (even for street use) are regarded as the best choice at $550 even to the might Vigilante $700+ converter. Supposedly comprable in performance for much less $$. I'm even in a car club where a couple guys have these and they say it is night and day difference from having a cheap converter versus a good one like an Edge.

    Very good reputation in the LT1 community.

    I have yet to do my swap so I can't comment on personal use unfortunately. But I think I'll be pleasantly surprised once it all goes in. :)
  3. 80ZED28 EH

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    Thanks for your input, I appreciate it.

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