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Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by Bue Demon, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. Bue Demon

    Bue Demon New Member

    Sep 19, 2006
    Las Vegas
    Hey Guys,

    well, let me tell you that my BB project in my 73 Z is almost done, I just need to do a couple more thing before I can fire it up, all the plumbing and accesories are in, however I ran into a problem, I need to rotate the engine to top dead center it and drop the distributor in but I can not turn the engine, I tried a 36" braker bar and the motor does not want to turn, let me give you the specs on the motor.

    Fresh built 458 CUI BBC
    11:1 CR
    Forged Pistons
    Stock BBC Oval Port Heads
    Air Gap Intake
    TH 400 tranny
    3600 stall

    It seems that the converter got stuck or something, I mean the engine is so hard to turn, that it was almost a miracle to turn it to bolt the converter to the flywhell, not I want to drop the ditributor but I can't seem to be able to turn that monster, any idea of what's going on? perhaps I just need to crank the engine with a tester a little, or I don't know, it might be that the converter is stuck on the tranny and it won't spin, any idea good or bad, send it my way, thanks.

    I'll post some pics later.

  2. Marks71BB

    Marks71BB Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Seperate the torque converter from the flexplate and see if it gets beter.
  3. brick_haus

    brick_haus Veteran Member

    Oct 22, 2006
    Somis, Ca.
    Sounds like a job for a professional. Hope all goes well Bue Demon.
  4. Vintage Musclecar

    Vintage Musclecar Veteran Member

    Mar 19, 2004
    Union, Ohio
    Did the torque converter turn easily before you bolted it to the flexplate? If not, the converter may not have been fully engaged with the front pump.

    Whatever you do, don't force anything. Take it back apart and find out why it's binding up.

  5. Marks71BB

    Marks71BB Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Did ya have the spark plugs out??? With that high cr it would be difficult to overcome the compression.
  6. badazz81z28

    badazz81z28 Veteran Member

    May 4, 2001
    Las Vegas, NV
    Mark, you read my mind. Even a low comp engine is a PIA to rotate with the plugs in....:rolleyes:
  7. Mwilson

    Mwilson Veteran Member

    I can barely turn mine with the plugs out!

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