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    hey guys, im currently working on an engine build and would like some input on cam choice. the build itself is going to be mostly stock. its a small journal 327, factory forged crank, new rods and pistons. the pistons are flatops with valve reliefs. all machine work has been done and everything is fresh. the block has been bored 30 over, giving a 331ci. since this project is being built for fun, im not dropping a lot of money into it. i will be using the stock 462 heads again, they also have been cleaned and trued up. i will be using an aluminum dual plane intake and a 600 cfm carb. the idea of the build is to place in a lightweight car like a chevy 2. this will almost certainly be a 3 speed auto (th350) and 3.73 rear.

    with that said, i have been toying around with the cam choice. i will be staying with the flat tappet. ive been thinking about some such as the 268H, xe268, and L79 (#151). im obviously not looking for "500 hp" but want a good little street engine with good low end pull and is fun to drive. i have used these cams in the past, but never in a 327, and i want to stay within the sweet spot for the 462 heads. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I built one for a buddy with a 66 vette I used the XE268H as he wanted max RPM at 6500 and RPM intake was used and I ported some 492 heads he had. Roller 1.5 rockers studs and guide plates 110 seat pressure springs 2.02-1.60 valves and flat tops small journal crank 4 speed and 336 gear.
    750 edelbrock was used.
    I put a conservative tune on it for the first 300 miles
    From a roll or dead stop it would NOT pull good is what he told me.
    I said you were supposed to take it easy for 300 miles.

    I had him bring it over as I had it set up about 6 thousandths too rich in the primaries and I had timing set at 35 degrees.
    I swapped jets and turned up the timing to 38 degrees.
    Told him lets go for a ride.
    I said leave it in first and roll about 10-15 mph and punch it with NO clutch action.
    He did just that and the car instantly blew both tires off and began to go sideways.
    He backed off the throttle and froze up just looking straight ahead and death grip on the steering wheel.
    I asked why he back out.
    He said he was not expecting that.. he vould not believe that a jet and some timing would make that big of a change.
    Later he called me and said it did not feel as fast as he wished.
    I said are you shifting at 6500 like i said to .. he said NO 5500 rpm was the highest he went.

    I said 6500 and call me later.

    A few days later he had raced against a 2001 or 2003 Z06 and said he beat the car by a fender.
    Said he rolled at 15 mph and they both got on it and the 66 vette stayed ahead then the Z06 began to pull ahead and 6500rpm shift of the old school 327" the Z06 was now behind the 66 by a fender and this happened until 3rd gear and the race was finished.

    The older guy in the newer Z06 said man that is a good running 427 BBC as my buddy had the 427 front clip on the 327 car.
    My buddy said It is a 327" Old guy called BS and they pulled off and show and tell time.

    the XE268H worked well for that .. realize it had some 492 angle plug ported heads to go with that cam.
    I built a few 327" engines but all for buddies and they had 4 speed cars and not too heavy.

    I feel it was a solid 13 second car.
    If you want more i feel compression needs to come up and keep it light.
    You do not get much compression with flat tops and 64cc heads on the 327"
    I like my small blocks to have a minimum of 10:1 and that is not optimum for me I like closer to 11:1
    But I can make high compression work for me.
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    Don't use the #151 cam, it sucks. 268 is a way better choice. If it's as street car that work well.
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