Fuel lines for EFI?

Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications' started by grzewnicki, Aug 4, 2019.

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    Well I may look at connecting my stock line to hose with some AN adapters, thanks for the advice everyone. Don't know what MSD is thinking (buy our $$$$kit) don't even know if they make one but I couldn't really figure out what the deal was, thought I was missing something obvious. Wife has been very cool about the Tank in the dining room, trying to get pump and sender installed, so it is ready to drop in. Trying to sort out loaction for brain box. Thinking up close to the battery, maybe tucked in behind battery with bracket off where the valance and fender bolt together. Just gotta be able to plug in hand held tuner unit easily. A week of vacation to get it done, hope I can get a bunch of preliminary stuff done, 97 degrees out now though....
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    I'm running teflon AN hose since about 2010 IIRC. Tank to rails.

    Not one issue since that time. I have pretty good heat shielding around it too whenever it gets anywhere near exhaust components, so that probably helps.

    But the teflon keeps the fuel vapors from permeating out of the lines and smelling up the garage like the old rubber AN lines I had on there before.

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