Help figuring out date code of head and picking spark plug.

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    Sep 6, 2000
    I have a mystery engine in a Camaro I just bought, 10054727 block, 14102193 heads with e09 date code. Looks like its a tbi truck 86 and newer from what I have found out. Center bolt valve covers. It has screw in studs and guide plates which is weird. Has a performer intake.

    Anyone know what e09 is for the date?

    What about plugs? It has cr43ts in there now, black and runs terrible, misses.
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    heads -

    heads -

    heads -
    • P- Double (Captain’s) bars c/n 193. Used on TBI equipped engines. Mid 1980-up style centerbolt valve cover. Has restrictive vane cast in intake port to induce swirl/turbulence. Not usually recommended for high RPM performance applications unless serious port work is done. Hardened exhaust seats.
    • Usually swirl port TBI SBC heads are not used in high performance applications because most builders don't have a clue on the flow specs. They also dont take into account that these heads produce gobs of low end torque. Although they run out of breath earlier than the vortec heads if paired with the proper cam these heads a monsters in the 1/4 mile. Some casting numbers for them are 187, 191, 193.
    heads - the 193 head is for 350 cid, TBI. This 1.94 dia. intake valve will collide with 305 bore wall. 305 TBI head has 1.84 dia. intake valve with 58cc chamber volume. the 193 head is 63cc+/- chamber volume. Some 193 heads have round pushrod holes, some have slotted push rod holes (marine engines with carbs), round push rod hole heads require guide plates OR guided tip rocker arms intake port volume is 180cc+/- , exhaust volume is 65cc+/- FOR 193 heads.

    e09 - no idea, i thought a date code had three numbers?

    Gap -

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