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Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by cutty, Dec 21, 2013.

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    after trying to chase down why my holley 3310 carb was always running super rich, i sprayed around the base plate with carb cleaner and noticed im sucking air through the secondary shaft, it has alot of play, what i was wondering before spending money on a new base plate, is i have a few 1850 600 cfm carbs that ive kept around for parts, which have solid base plates with no play in the shafts, is it possible to swap out the 750 base plate with 1 from a 600, just to test and make sure thats all thats wrong with my carb? before dropping the cash
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    All 650-830 cfm Holleys have 1 11/16" butterflies
    A 600 has 1 9/16" butterflies and an 850 has 1 3/4" butterflies.

    So no the 600 baseplates do not fit.

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