Hydroboost install on 2nd! W/pic

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    Jun 26, 2018
    Hey guys thought i should share my thoughts and progress, and maybe help a few people in the process. For the past few years ive been wanting to do this better brake upgrade since the cam im running on my car produces 13inch of vacuum. My Pedal was sorta sketchy, even after having a vacuum canister added too it. So, in the mean time, i put my gen1 brembo caliper project on the side and wanted to finish my hydroboost setup.

    Little background on the hydroboost. Was at work a few months ago, on Car-parts.com for work and out of curiosity i searched hydroboost from a astro and sure enough i scored one.for $40 bucks!! + $15 shipping cause i didnt feel like driving to NY. So no problem. After buying hydroboost it snowball effects happened. Ordered all the proper fitting to convert to 6an fittings.
    - MOUNTING BRACKET: Next on my to do list was mounting bracket, Found one on ebay for $127.00 which came with a black anodized aluminum plate that gave the proper angle for the hydroboost. Actually as a matter of fact, the seller was the guy who sold them here at nastyz28. So i bought one, Plate came in and i
    put it on.

    - MAKING OF THE HYDROBOOST PUSH ROD: to fit my pedal. All i did was cut the eyelid part off, and lucky the rod was 3/8 diameter from the get go. So i cut the eyelid, grabbed a 3/8-24 die and chased it, 3/4 of the way down. I used the vise grip it keep the rod secured. Now the clevis that i used was from an old mini vacuum booster i have taken off the car and reused to my advantage, but what you dont see is i had to.cut approximately 2 extra inchs off the rod coupler, cause it was way to long and went past my brake pedal.
    IMG-20180723-WA0028.jpeg IMG-20180723-WA0030.jpeg
    POWER STEERING PUMP EXTRA DRAIN: i read that it was ok to "T" the return from the hydroboost to the return line of the power steering pump, but ive read on some note i might run into turbulance. I saw a few people drill and install a bulkhead. I drilled a 9/16 hole where the pump Reservoir slopes and added a 9/16 bulk head aka 6an, going to also use a 45 degree fitting so there is a slight slope into the return for easy flow. Which you see in the provided pictures. I wanted to make sure the steering box and hydroboost had there own returns.
    Screenshot_20180723-110442.png IMG_20180723_100250.jpg IMG_20180723_100231.jpg
    This is as far as i got today, stay tuned ill be slowly installing everything back together.

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    Jun 9, 2007
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    Great write up and pics! I need this, I'm tuned in.
  3. dave@ztech

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    Jun 26, 2018
    Thanks guys, im just trying to help everyone out cause, i was somewhat confused in a few areas, that are now clarified. Ill be posting up about the 6an fitting sizes i went with, and hose kit i went with. Just awaiting some more fittings.
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    I have all the parts just trying to figure out the reservoir. I have an LS3 with a remote mount setup from Vintage Air. Bought a reservoir from PSC and that thing is huge. Waiting for the car to get back before I mess with it more.
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    Jun 26, 2018

    Between work, and gym and Rain, havent been able to do much. But i was able to get around to detailing the fitting sizes. hope this helps.
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    Good man. Dont skip the gym.


    Jun 26, 2018
    I got around to playing with the car today, and because i have 68 heads, with a 75 block i ran into a alternator and power steering mounting issue, what started this issue was the pressure line adapter hits the block. So i either have to get a 5/8-18 to -6an 90 degree, rather then be separated. So im back to the drawing board. BUT as far as hydroboost goes its 90% done. Just have to make 2 more lines for the power steering cool. If you guys have some insight about my bracket issue....please chime in!

    Im not sure if you guys are aware but this is on a 2nd gen firebird. I find nastyz28 to have better information then other forums i was on.


    Jun 26, 2018
    IMG_20180801_200129.jpg finished my oil cooler upgrade, for the hydroboost setup. I chose this 7 row oil cooler input 10an adapters to 6an Adapters. I also made my bracket with 18 gauge steel that was cut to size and mocked up and were we sits now. Over all think it looks awesome.
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    Jun 26, 2018
    As far as the hydroboost setup goes, im a all set. I Ran into a power steering and alternator bracket issue. basically im trying to correct what someone else did wrong 15 years ago by mickey mousing it all together. So, i had to back track and figure out the bracket year i needed. which, i think i did, basically what i need is 1975-81 power steering brackets & alternator "C" style bracket, that bolts to the water pump, and the front portion of the power steering bracket, cause i already have the rear. So, i ended up scoring the front bracket for the power steering pump on ebay. 4 days goes by and it comes in, i go to mock it up, and sure enough the lip that the bracket has hits the power steering pulley. did some digging and found it isnt the correct pulley to begin with, the one i need is 496411 (correct pulley for the year) the one i have on the pump is a 22505005 (not correct year) which i think is for an oldsmobile or buick...i could be wrong tho.

    Last night on ebay i scored a used power steering pump with all bracket and correct pulley for 80 bucks! hopefully this will solve my pulley issues.

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