I poked my eye, now I see blurry

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by RobSS1113, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. RobSS1113

    RobSS1113 Veteran Member

    May 4, 2004
    :whine: Plz help .. is this gonna go away. Im so mad at myself. I was using the weedeater without my glasses on. I usually have my shades on when Im wacking the weeds but this time I left them in the truck and did not get them, Big mistake. I got drilled with a piece of rock or a chunk of weed right in the eyeball. Instantly I saw blurry. I went and washed my face and eyes in water but still nothing. I have / had 20/20 vision and now I have 20 in my left eye and crap on the right. Just right now on my way home the cars headlights and tail lights had an orro / a ring around the lights like the type you get when you swim in a pool with alot of chlorine, but when I closed my hurt eye and looked with my good eye I saw perfectly without the orro or ring around the lights.

    Is this temperary? will it go away.
  2. Camaro4life18

    Camaro4life18 Veteran Member

    Mar 26, 2003
    Land of Cornfields
    lol, your asking a bunch of gear heads a medical problem...

    But I would say if it didn't impact with too much force, it MIGHT not be too serious. If its not better by morning, go see a opthamologist...thats a real eye doctor..an MD...not like the glasses guys who are optometrists.
  3. krabben1

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    May 16, 2007
    ( . Y . )Delco
    Go to the doctors.You might need an antibiotic in there.You dont want infection in an eye.
  4. Camarofanatic73

    Camarofanatic73 Veteran Member

    May 15, 2005
    Git to the Doctor! You may have scratched your cornea or worse:eek:
  5. Keizer

    Keizer BANNED

    Jan 17, 2005
    Wa State
    I had the exact same thing happen to me. Man that freaked me out. A rock flew up and hit me right on the eye ball. I freaked and threw the weed wacker and stumbled to the house and sat down on the porch. I was afraid to look cause I thought for sure I lost the eye. I ended up going to the ER, and he put these special drops in my eye, and used a special light to look at my eye. The rock scratched the surface pretty good. It was blurry for a day or so and really watery. After it cleared up, I couldn't see distances very well for about two weeks. It eventually went back to normal. I won't pick up a weed wacker now without my full face shield on.
  6. twozs

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    Aug 5, 1999
    hopewell jct ny
    i poked MY eye, now I see dead people!
  7. kik_start

    kik_start BANNED

    Sep 3, 2006
    gone crazy
    title remind me of the movie A Christmas Story...lol
    I told you you'll put your eye out! hahaha

    go to the eye doctor, and good luck.
  8. K5JMP

    K5JMP Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    go see an opthamoligist..
    I have had several eye surgeries over the years... last one was to remove a chunk of rock that went thru my contact lense and lodged in the lense of my eye. Hurt like the dickens too
    get it looked at Rob..
    text under second pic on this page..:eek:
  9. Keizer

    Keizer BANNED

    Jan 17, 2005
    Wa State
    When I was at the ER for my eye poking incident, he gave me some cream that really helped with the burning. It had some kind of deadening properties too which made it feel so much better.

    There's nothing like almost losing your eye to get you to use eye protection religiously.
  10. gordonquixote

    gordonquixote Veteran Member Lifetime Gold Member

    Jul 18, 2006
    Tallahassee, FL
    Don't poke your eye....

    Go to the doctor. As far as parts of my body that I really don't want permanently injured, my eyes are way up on the list.

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