installing aftermarket ratchet shifter

Discussion in 'Transmission & Driveline Topics' started by muscl car, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. muscl car

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    okay i've got an older version hurst ratchet shifter "early 70's model" anyways how do i hook it up ?? .actually i want to know what to do with the neutral safety wire and any other wiring or cables going to the stock shifter .i probably won't use the neutral safety switch since this shifter doesn't look like it has provisions for it .
  2. Smokin70SS

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    Apr 13, 2002
    I'm not familiar with the old Hurst shifters but the new ones don't use the stock n/s switch or back up light switch. Instead they use micro switches for each and you hookup your original wiring to the micro switches.
  3. rchydzik

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    Nov 13, 1999
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    If the shifter uses your stock cable, you don't need to do anything. The linkage from the transmission to the steering column controls the reverse lights and neutral safety switches.

    If you have to replace the cable and remove or modify the linkage, you will have to rewire those switches. My Hurst Vmatic did not require any changes to the stock linkage.
  4. muscl car

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    this is a late 60's early 70's version of the hurst pro-matic ,i hope the stock cable will work !!!
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    Feb 27, 2004
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  6. kirbi69

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    i was gunna say, isnt the neutral saftey switch, and the backup lights run from a fancy little switch on the top of the column close to the firewall on the insdie? im having problems with mine, i had to take one off of my other column and fix it in plark position so i can start it, but i dont have reverse lights, or neutral saftey, its all bypassed, luckly im smart, and no when and when not to start my car, and im the only one who ever drives it, i got the only key!

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