Is it a 383? PLease help.

Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by Maxymilian, Mar 26, 2020.

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    I recently got into contact with the man who built the car I own now. Mind you I use built loosely because a lot of the work is dodgy and information is foggy. Which is why I am here, I recently got into contact with him and he said I had a stroked engine. But he doesn't know whether its a 355, 383 or any other stroked motor in between. It has the chop of a 383 (the stumbling one), built on a late 90s 350 block, the valves, heads and everything looks like they've been adjusted and things but I don't know for sure. If anybody could give me some pointers on how to distinguish a 383 motor without taking it down to the block, i would appreciate it.
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    Well the easy way is check the block casting. If it'a an older block it could be an 010, 014 or 016 block. Then look at the dampener, if it's a stock type one it will be a 400 SB with the cutout on the outside of it.
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    The only way to really tell is to measure. An older, or newer, 350 block can be made into a 383 with the use of a 3.75" stroke crankshaft. You certainly can not tell by the sound what size the engine is. Here's a link to a post just a couple months ago asking the same question and with some helpful answers.
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    Remove all spark plugs this makes the engine easier to rotate by hand.

    Take a Zip tie A long one and wrap masking tape around it.
    Insert it into a spark plug hole and rotate the engine until the zip tie goes to the farthest travel down.
    Make a mark on the masking tape as you hold the zip tie against a header bolt.

    Mark it at the base of the header bolt where bolt touches zip tie.
    Now rotate the engine until the Zip tie reaches the highest point of travel ..make another mark.
    You will get a little over 3.5" travel with the 350" due to angle and a little over 3.75" for the stroker 400 crank based SBC.

    A picture to explain it. That is a zip tie stuck into the spark plug hole. It is wrapped with masking tape so i can lay a pencil line on it.

    what size stroke 001.JPG
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