Just Sea Foam'd My Car...

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  1. hardline_42

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    Did it to my 4th gen DD.

    I went to [Insert Generic Auto Parts Store Here] and picked up two cans of Sea Foam and one can of Sea Foam Deep Creep spray. Went to the gas station, dumped one can of Sea Foam in the tank and filled up with premium.

    Drove home, popped the hood and unplugged the brake booster vac hose. I poured half a can of Sea Foam into an empty water bottle, stuck a funnel into the vac hose and started the car.

    After letting it run for a few minutes (the vac leak makes it idle high) I slowly poured 2/3 of the water bottle contents into the funnel making sure not to let the car stall out. The last third gets dumped in all at once to make the car stall. This suspends the Sea Foam in the chambers and lets it do it's job.

    I reconnected the vac hose and removed the airbox and elbow assembly to expose the throttle body. I had my sister-in-law hold down the gas pedal to open the throttle blades and sprayed the Deep Creep into the throttle, wiping away any grime I could reach. Then I reinstalled the airbox assembly. Obviously, for a carb setup, remove the air filter assembly and spray directly into the carb.

    I waited about 20 minutes and then I dumped the remainder of the Sea Foam can into the crankcase (scary, I know). Sea Foam is pretty aggressive and I'm afraid it's gonna disintegrate my already-weak seals, so I'm gonna change the oil after I get back from work tomorrow and add some Lucas Oil Stab to the new oil.

    It took a little while to start it up afterwards but it finally took and the tailpipes started spewing copious amounts of thick blue smoke (tip: close your windows before you start it up). After letting it idle for about 10 - 15 minutes, I jumped in the car and tore out of my development leaving a 50 foot long blanket of smoke for the neighbors to enjoy. I drove it hard for about 20 minutes (had to go to Home Depot) and the results were instant.

    First off, the idle was way smoother. There was always a slight miss that is now gone, making the idle crisp and effortless (this is nice considering my new poly mounts were amplifying all the engine vibrations).

    Acceleration was great. Very smooth compared to before with less bogging between 1st and 2nd (notorius on a 700R4/4L60E).

    The engine revs and feels much looser. It's a totally different animal. I'll have to see how much mpg's I gained by cleaning the sludge and carbon out of my engine but, judging by the amount of junk that blew out of my tailpipes, I would say it'll be atleast noticeable.

    Even though the Sea Foam instructions say it's safe, I'm gonna replace the O2 sensors. I don't like the idea of all that gunk passing through the exhaust. For a carbed engine, this obvioulsy won't be necessary.

    In short, for $18 worth of Sea Foam and a half hour of work, I'd say this is a worthwhile maintenance procedure.
  2. Inher8ted

    Inher8ted Veteran Member

    Oct 4, 2006
    It's good stuff I've had great results on everything I've used it on. I usually just pour it from the can to the booster hose, if your careful the vacuum will suck it right in without spilling.
  3. GetMore

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    Nov 8, 2004
    Patterson, NY
    I don't know why, but I get such a kick out of seeing the smoke trail left by the car.
    A friend of mine had a Ferd Escort that wouldn't run on anything less than 93, so I told him to use Sea Foam on it. We did it at work and I had him drive it around the parking lot. You could tell where he had just been by the smoke. It had me laughing.
  4. Twisted_Metal

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    Feb 26, 2004
    Bloomington, MN
    For outdoor use only!

    If you have never used it before, do not attempt to fire up the car in the garage... Unless you have a rodent problem. :eek:
  5. 77RS

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    Oct 18, 2006
    Asheboro, NC
    Never heard of SEA FOAM. May have to try it out.
    Back in the old days we used to pour tranny fluid in the carb to loosen junk off the pistons/valves. Don't know if it really worked or not but man did it smoke! lol
  6. Mathes79Z

    Mathes79Z Veteran Member

    Feb 14, 2001
    Six Mile Run, Pa, USA
    SeaFoam in your tank as a fuel system cleaner works GREAT, and deep creep in your intake works ok, but if you really want to get every last bit of crud out of your intake, valves, piston tops, exaust, etc... Try the AmsOil Power Foam, get the engine nice and hot, take the air cleaner off, open the throttle body, and spray a nice load of foam down in, then disconnect the coils so it wont fire up and crank the engine a little while loading it with foam to ensure all parts deep inside are covered, let it sit for about 15-20 minutes and do it again, then after about another 15 minutes put the coil wires back on and fire it up, you might have to hold your foot on the throttle a little to get it to fire but it will fire up, rev the throttle a little to clear its throat and then have somebody spray the rest of the foam into the intake while you keep the engine running about 1500-2000 rpms, it will spit and sputter pretty good due to the enrichment of the foam, but once the can is empty throttle it a couple times to clear it out, put the air cleaner back on and take it for a spirited drive to blow out all the loose particles and get the oxygen sensor if equipped nice and hot so it dissolves the pieces and burns them up, all thats left is a nice shiny engine, if your intake is aluminum and was black before, take the air cleaner off when you get back and hold the throttle open and have a look, it will look like they just bolted it on at the factory!
    I sell TONS of the stuff, mileage goes up, power gets better, runs smoother, its honestly worth the couple bucks.
    I dump sea foam in my tank and use powerfoam down the throttle, keeps all the fuel systems in all my vehicles good for looooong lifes. that and a lil marvel mystery oil once in a while to the fuel to add some lube for the fuel pumps and injectors.
  7. william

    william Veteran Member

    Jul 21, 2002
    Indiana,P.A. U.S.A.
    At work we use seafoam in the company trucks with good results, never really noticed much smoke though, all are trucks are diesels so maybe that has something to do with it.
  8. RobSS1113

    RobSS1113 Veteran Member

    May 4, 2004
    Seafoam huh ? never heard of it .. Im going to google it right now .
  9. SpeedAddict02

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    Dec 31, 2002
    Wallkill, N.Y.
    Cool.. Gonna have to give it a try in my wife's minivan.. I'll use that as the guinea pig, then try the camaro.. lol
    i bought a can once, but didnt really trust the stuff so I never used it.
  10. MarcZ

    MarcZ Veteran Member

    Dec 6, 2006
    San Diego, CA
    I've wanted to do seafoam in my 1970, but am too afraid to, I was scared enough the first time i did it to my 94 and it smoked the whole neighborhood! I will put some in the gas and oil in the '70, along with some Engine Restore.

    Auto-RX is a similar product that also works well and does your BOTTOM end over a period of 1,000 miles, unlike Seafoam that does your top end.

    And the Lucas....I've always stayed away from that stuff, just foams everything up...and not in a good way.

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