LS2 with 6L80E vs 383 with THM400

Discussion in 'Engine Topic' started by anarchy, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for some opinions with this. I can get hold of a 2008 LS2 motor and 6L80E tranny, with ECU, wiring, airconditioner, fuel pump, the lot with 20,000 miles. It comes out of a wreck. I can get the lot for around $6000. It may sound a lot for you guys in the USA, but here in South Africa that is the going rate as evrything is imported. Just to give you an idea, I paid $4000 for four new 6pot Baer calipers with 14" discs front and 13" rear. So things are pricey here. Anyway, I currently have a 383 stroker with a THM400 in my camaro. The 383 has an eagle sub assembly with 6" rods and Mahle pistons. I have camel hump heads and a 650 Holley. The build is rated to handle 750hp, but is nowhere near that yet. The tranny has a kit on medium and I have a 3000rpm torque converter. No aircon at the nmoment

    Now my question is, should I spend the $6000 on the LS2 and 6L80E tiptronic or should spend it on some more mods on what I have? I originally built the 383 thinking I would put on aly heads and a charger on at a later stage, but now this deal with the LS2 came along. I don't use my car as an everyday driver, so when I take it out, I like to smoke the tires and beat any challenger that comes along that I meet at the lights. The 383 is a very noisy engine, it sounds as if it had piston slap, but the guy who built my motor says this is how it will be with the Mahle pistons and 6" rods. Is he telling the truth? I like the modern motor as it is quiet and gets good mileage. I can live with the noise of the 383, if its meant to be this way.

    What are your opinions, $6000 for a turnkey LS2 with tiptronic tranny and mod it over the next few years, or $6000 to spend on the setup I already have.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I have never burned up an original Turbo 400.
    I change the fluid often and drive them hard.
    I know plenty of guys that have had to replace 4l80E's.
    I'm old school and prefer carbs and blowers over fuel injection and turbo's though.
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    The motor, trans and ECM/wiring is only the beginning. Then you have custom exhaust, special engine and tranny mounts, probably a different oil pan to clear your crossmember, etc. Plus I'm not sure if the accessory system will clear everything in your engine bay without modification. Even if it can you'll be looking at custom hoses to hook everything up (PS, AC) and possibly some floorpan mods to get enough room for that monster 6-speed trans.

    You need to factor all that into the cost. And given what you said about the cost down there, I suspect you could be looking at a very significant amount of coin.

    You sure you wouldn't rather just look into a nice 200-4R overdrive trans and some better cylinder heads for yoru current combo?

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