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    Aces (or anyone),

    Do you know where I can find the detailed info on the Spectra GM42AFI Tank and Pump? I went to Rock Auto and found the listing, but I couldn't find any specs, etc. This looks like it makes more sense than going through the hassle of modifying the stock tank and cost of a new pump, etc.

    Thanks in advance,

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    he help me out on my lt1 s10 swap and my ls 4.8 swap in my 56 chevy
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    Here is a list of items I used in my swap:

    I have compiled this list of what I have bought for my conversion, and have tried to list part numbers and where to purchase. I hope this helps someone looking for a part.

    Here goes:

    2001 Silverado 2500 6.0 30,000 miles...Local Junk yard $700
    2006 GTO T56 6 speed 10,000 miles...Local junk yard $1,700
    Texas Speed MS4 Cam (239/242 .649/.609)....25-MS4 $400
    LS6 Intake with fuel rail....Ebay or LS1Tech $400
    LS2 Timing chain...GM Dealer 12586482 $75
    Texas Speed LS6 ported oil pump...25-LS6PORTEDPUMP $190
    1999 Fbody oil pan,win tray, pickup tube...GM dealer $350
    Car Shop 1" setback motor mount plates...CSP2370 $50
    2000 Camaro alt...NAPA NNE-1N4742 $180
    2000 Camaro harmonic balancer...NAPA NOE 6005281 $65
    2000 Camaro water pump...NAPA TFW 45002 $130
    EFI Fuel Tank...Rock Auto GM42AFI $375
    2000Corvette fuel filter w/return...Ebay, Wix 33737 $40
    Fitting's for fuel filter...Russel...640850, 640860, 640940 $45
    LS1 polished throttle body...Ebay (swap program you send him yours) $60
    Pushrods...Texas Speed 25-7400 $90
    Heads 243 casting w/.650 springs....LS1Tech $675
    LS7 Clutch press, flywheel....LS1Tech $260
    Tick Performance adj clutch master cyl...TAMCKFB $325
    Tick Performance slave and throwout bearing...24264182 $130
    Tick Performance speed bleeder...TPSBL $50
    Allen head Engine bolt kit...Ebay $35
    Allen head Intake bolt kit...Ebay $30
    Stand alone wire harness....Done by local guy $200
    Clutch master cly mounting plate...Detroit Speed 070430 $30
    Serpentine belt...O'Rileys...Gates K060547 $20
    Idler pulley...O'Rileys..38008 $15
    2000 Camaro Belt Tensioner...NAPA NBH 38195 $43
    Upper radiator hose...NAPA Gates 22352 $20
    Lower radiator hose...NAPA Gates 20734 $13
    2000 Camaro starter...NAPA BSN SR8581N $180
    2000 Camaro Thermostst...NAPA THM 400186 $16
    Spark plug wires...Jegs Taylor 10.4mm $90
    Spectre Performance cold air kit...900134 $208
    G-Force crossmember....RCF2E-T56 $290
    Texas Speed Racetronix 42lb injectors...135-01D030X-1 $350
    Flywheel & pressure plate bolts...Jegs $62
    Oil catch can...Ebay $40
    -6AN Fuel line and fittings...Aeroquip $220
    Lokar throttle cable...Jegs TC-1000LS!U $55
    Lokar oil dipstick...Jegs ED-5008 $58
    Lokar Throttle brkt...Jegs TCB-40LS13 $38
    Valve cover breather...Metco Motorsports MBR0003 $35
    2000 Silverado 2500 oxygen sensors (2)...NAPA BSH-13026 $110
    Fuse block for fuel pump, fans, etc...Local junkyard 99 Monte Carlo. $20
    LS7 MAF sensor....GM Dealer 15865791 $70
    Shorten driveshaft to 44 5/8"...Local shop $130
    4.10 rear gears...Summit $187
    Headers and exhaust....Stainless Works.

    I hope someone can use this list, I wish there was a list like this before I started. LOL.
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    :confused: 5.3L bored out to LS1 specs ... can you even do that ? holy sh.t did I just read that right ? now the gears are really spinning......
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    Yep, exactly what I did. Read my sig. :)
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    Nov 12, 2013
    Would this swap (LT1 into '79) be too difficult for someone who has never done a motor swap before? I worked on cars and know my way around cars pretty well. I am pretty confident I could figure out how to do this swap from common sense and reading threads but the wiring and fueling scare me a little.
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    Don't let the wiring scare ya, there's a lot of info out there even a step by step on the wiring. Check out great info there
  10. Shabba

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    Nov 12, 2013
    Thanks that's what I was hoping to hear. Another question; not including the price of the shell and motor/trans/ecu, how much should I budget for parts needed to put the motor in?

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