Need advise on dealing with young kids and defiant behavior

Discussion in 'The BS Topic' started by 76_TypeLT, Dec 10, 2018.

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    I hear ya It seems a bit mean but it got the point across and he learned.
    My room was always clean as a kid because I made fishing lures in my room..Spinners and crappie jigs and buzz baits etc.
    I was grounded a lot because of false stories my sisters made up (not kidding)
    So I made fishing lures..I tied flies and all. I had a good set up and a quiet place for sure.
    All my toys would fit in 2 brown paper sacks.

    Kids today have way more toys.
    Of course the toys I have now take up much more space :)
    Instead of fishing jigs I reload ammo now..Every now and then I turn out a jig or 3.

    My grand kids ask to make a "bullet" and I tell them if you are good today I will let you make what you want.
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    we used stickers to reward him when he was potty training. you are right, kids love stickers. Those are a cheap way to reward them for good behavior and it does not involve TV or sugar.
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    My childhood wasn't that great. It was actually a relief when my parents divorced and I ended up living in my grandparents basement. It was quiet, private and a haven from what went before. My grandfather was probably the smartest man I've ever known. He got through 2nd grade before he ended up on his own. He needed to know calculus for his work as a machinist so he bought a book and learned it. He let me make mistakes but was very firm on how one should act. When I was 11 or 12, he let me fire his double barreled 10 gauge shotgun. I was a little afraid of it and held it out at arms length 6 inches from my shoulder. I then pulled both triggers. I remember looking up at the sky and he leaned over and said "you won't do THAT again, will you?" If I sat down at the dinner table with a hat on, he would just reach over and pull my hat down my face into my lap. To this day, I go into a restaurant and lay my hat beside me rather than wear it at the table.

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