new catalog with 20% off, Illusion.

Discussion in 'Ground Up' started by 1beautifuldaughter, Dec 2, 2018.

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    Aug 28, 2017
    I received a new catalog in the mail with a Christmas special 20% off coupon that shows on the back that it includes custom sound radios. Great, I am considering one. So I go on line to order it and find they are all checked off as not eligible for coupon discount, Then I go back and see the small print on the coupon that is tiny and black in color over dark green confirming this. I just have to ask myself Why, It just seems like a bait and switch thing. Why create a nice colorful coupon that is not clear? And why is it marked down from a higher price on line as if its on sale but in the catalog it shows the lower price.?? Why do a dance around free shipping, sales, and discounts that create an Illusion.? and it doesn't help anyway that I am still waiting for a call back for over a year about the wrong holes in my inner fender wells for my camaro.

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