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    For the past 3-4 years I've toyed with the idea of resurrecting the 12" B-body spindle, unfortunately the market is not big enough to support the initial investment, my sources were not willing to jump in, fast forward to last year when the circle track chassis builders started to complain about the lack of used parts, this greatly improved the potential volume, one day I received a phone call asking for input, the ball was set in motion, prototypes have been made, testing done, pre-production and machining programming is done, the first batch of parts should be getting machined within a week to 10 days. 90% of the first batch is going to be machined for the circle track industry.
    The PTFB spindles are different as they do not need to meat any racing rules, therefore we are able to machine in some improvements for better performance.

    NEW Spindles are going ahead of schedule, machining should start in about a week to 10 days.
    • 100% new casting.
    • Billet steel pin.
    • 20% stronger than GM units.
    • Better Akarman.
    • 5% faster steering.
    • Uses GM 12" rotor locally available.
    • Available for floating D52 style caliper.
    • Also available for fixed racing calipers.
    • available in 10* or 8* KPIA
    • PRICE $389.00/pair.
    Sorry but this is the only actual picture of one of the prototypes I was able to lay my hand on when I had a meeting with the manufacturer, more pics will be posted in the coming weeks.

    new 12 in spindle.jpg
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