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Discussion in 'High Performance Modifications' started by muscl car, Apr 9, 2012.

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    this is an old single pattern cam from cam dynamic that is now listed under crane cams energizer cams 302 dur/500lift .is this still a good cam it is a strong mid range 3400-7200rpm and 246 @ .050 specs

    Performance usage, good upper RPM torque and HP, bracket racing; Heavy, Pro ET, Super ET, etc., auto trans w/3500+ converter, oval track; Street Stock, Enduro, Hobby, etc., 3/8- 1/2 mile, 10.5 to 12.0 compression ratio

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    Yes it is a good cam...I ran that exact cam in a Vega with a 327 in it years ago...It's cut on a 106 and with flat tops and 62 cc heads, maybe 10 to 1 compression, it ran 7.00s and 6.90s in good weather...Sounded like a freight train...Quick revs and started making power around 3000 if I remember...

    That motor is now in my friend's 66 chevy II...Freshened it up last years and runs strong...Makes around 6 inches of vacuum in his car so I set his 750 dp up a with 2.5 power valve

    Sounds similar to the old 754 chevy cam
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    I ran the next size smaller 286 enforcer in the flat top 350 I had for decades. Went as quick as 12.06 with 041 heads in the Vega, and finally as quick as 11.30's regularly with Canfield heads. .473" lift , It's now a Crane energizer cam.
    The 306 Enforcer is the Cam you describe and should prove to be quite powerful.
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    i put that same cam in a 305 i built a few years ago.it had flat tops , 52cc heads and a single plain intake and we got just over 400hp on the dyno.

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