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Discussion in 'Interior Restoration' started by Sprazzle, Aug 2, 2018.

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    I plan to keep both of these pieces and use them on my Camaro but as pricing and the idea of value is kind of hard to come up with on this thread I will throw this out as my curiosity. I have acquired a set of original 1970 camaro standard black door panels in perfect shape and I can tell 100% they are the real deal and I am in the process of acquiring a 1970 dash pad from the same car I know is original and in perfect shape. This is from one with AC and has no curling or cracks and matches everything I can find to guarantee it's authenticity. What would the value be on these as I know they are quite rare but not sure how rare?
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    20 bucks
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    Are they just the panels or the top rails too? Nobody makes a correct top tail. The OER is not the same length. The top rails alone...I would pay $100 or so for perfect ones. The door panels themselves, eh someone might might pay good money for them, but most wont because they are not rare and panel from Legendary for $200 are nearly spot on. If your panels were the deluxe they would be worth some money as they are not reproduced.

    The dash pad....if it’s not curled or even slightly curled I would question its originality. Even NOS pads out of the box are curled. Their construction design wasn’t for the long haul. I have seen nearly perfect 70-78 dashes offered for $500-$800, but with the NPD Pad out there, I don’t see a huge market for a original.
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    NO ONE makes correct door panels made of the correct materials. I will eat one if someone does.
    The originals are leatherette paper and are steam pressed to form them over blocks of panel board, the angular surface is hollow... tap the originals on the angular surface and you can tell.

    I sold hundreds of tons of LEATHERETTE paper rolls to manufacturers of yearbooks binders etc... I know the difference.

    Lack of original door panels is one of the largest issues with performing a correct restoration. Reproduction door panels have come a long way... they just are not correct YET.

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