pan evac on circle track motors

Discussion in 'Competition Camaros' started by muscl car, Oct 19, 2005.

  1. muscl car

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    will this set up work on a circle track motor. i know on drag race motors it helps push the rings against the cylinders for better ring seal.

    1972 chevy camaro ss
    425HP 350sbc old school build-up

    restification in progress 70's baldwin motion NHRA gasser with old school day2 parts

    if it's to loud your to old
  2. 79T/Aman

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    Oct 7, 2004
    should work fine as long as the pump holds up to long periods of time at hi rpm and you would have to check how much oil it pulls out of the engine so that it does not fill up the vent tank.

    frame connectors, roll bars, suspension, engine parts
  3. 70 Z UC

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    Aug 4, 2001
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    Usually if your going to go through all that, you would just use a Dry sump system. It will work better and the bearings are much happier. You can get used 4 stage pumps from the Sprint swaps, for around $300 and the tanks go for $40-80. Just make sure to pull the pump apart & look for damage. Buy from the top runners, they usually get rid of everything yearly.
  4. muscl car

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    this is for out dirt track dwarf car with a yamaha R1

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