Picked up an 81 Z-28 parts car today...

Discussion in 'Oklahoma Region' started by CamaroDoc, Feb 10, 2019.

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    Sep 13, 2003
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    I picked up an 81 Z parts car today. The body shell is pretty much toast but it had some nice parts and pieces on it.

    What caught my eye first was the C&C t-tops.
    It has a nice set of Z fenders,
    80-81 fender vents,
    good core support,
    Z hood,
    the nose cap has one small tear in a lower corner,
    tilt column,
    the center piece of the front spoiler has a tear in the middle but is still in one piece,
    a lower grille,
    rear bumper cover looked good,
    doors are bent but internals looked ok,
    lots of small stuff,

    dash pad & tail lights are toast
    no seats since there wasn't enough floor pan to mount them...

    If anyone needs something, give me a shout... Doc
    (918) five oh eight - nine six oh two...


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